The I Do's & Don'ts

Why Hire A Professional Wedding Planner?




My clients have thanked me for saving them from the stress and exhaustion of planning the wedding themselves. There are those that think it may be best to go at it on their own to save some money. I thought it was important to point out the top reasons why it's best to hire a professional event planner.

* A planning schedule that's free of worry and stress, and an experience of planning the wedding that can even be fun!
* A color scheme that's coordinated and appropriate to the occasion
* Objectivity and clear decision making
* Far fewer mistakes that can result in going over budget, such as over ordering or booking the wrong type of vendor
* A budget that's realistic and achievable and that makes the most of every penny
* Contracts that protect the client
* Freedom of the client to enjoy the event
* Recommendations of the best vendors in the area

At the end of it all, any person hosting an event should feel like a guest at his or her event not like they are working the event!


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